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I enjoy the process of specifying color, working with my hands and getting messy. Making art is a means of expression and release for me. It helps me focus and escape. It is also thrilling for me to see others enjoy my artworks.

River Hennick in Amsterdam.

I’m influenced by long walks, the morning sunrise and visits to art galleries and museums. I enjoy beach vacations and drives across the midwest. Contemporary art inspires me to paint and explore new techniques. When I was a kid my favorite artists were Van Gough and Salvador Dali. Later in my 30s Richard Diebenkorn caught my eye as well as Wayne Thiebaud. Now I follow many local Kansas City artists including Laura Nugent and my daughter River Hennick.

Art Westport 2019

Street Paintings

Lastrada del Arte
Pastel street paintings (8 feet by 12 feet) created in 2002 & 2003 at the Lastrada Del Arte Festival in Kansas City at Union Station.

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