About the process…

“My work is the evolution of building up layers of media substrate and removing surface topography over time. The piece is finished when both addition and subtraction of paint from the artwork form a harmonious blend of texture and color.”

“I strive to create art that has dynamic shape and form with colors constantly changing. In so doing the works appear multifarious with each viewing.”


Beginning with acrylic color, I build my surfaces using traditional and non-traditional tools such as rubber blades and joint knives. Layering paint and selectively removing areas of it from the canvas creates both depth and dynamic color relationships. These abstractions are meant to evoke both organized systems and chaotic circumstances of nature.

Over many years, I have learned to let process and materials lead me in painting. As both viewer and maker, I embrace the surprising result.


  • 12th Annual Visions of the Flint Hills Art Benefit and Sale 2020
  • Winter Salon IV 2019-2020 at Cerbera Gallery
  • Small Works Show Winter 2020 at the Bunker Center for the Arts
  • Celebrat!on: Art Benefit for KCCreates and GUILDit
  • 40th Annual Art Westport 2019
  • Exhibition: Beautiful Light. Hope. Healing. Wellness. Summer 2019
  • Kansas City Artists Coalition Art Auction 2018
  • One Night Stand Exhibition at Kansas City Artists Coalition 2018
  • Visions of the Flint Hills at Buttonwood Artspace 2018
  • 39th Annual Art Westport 2018
  • Zona Rosa Arts Festival 2016
  • 37th Annual Art Westport 2016
  • Prairie Village Art Show 2016
  • Plum Gallery Exhibition Opening 2015
  • 34th Annual Art Westport 2012
  • 32nd Annual Art Westport 2010
  • 31st Annual Art Westport 2009


Kansas City based artist Mark Hennick enjoys the process of specifying color, building composition and observing the outcome. Through his abstract works, Hennick explores using nontraditional tools (pallet knives, chisels and joint knives) and new techniques for painting. His meditation and yoga praxis helps to inspire the images he creates. Hennick exhibits throughout the Kansas City area and shows his artworks in many art fairs and galleries. Hennick’s colorful abstract works are a must-see.

Strong coffee with honey, long walks with my sweetie, yoga, meditation and baking are on my favorites list.