Ardha Kapotãsana Abstract Painting

Ardha Kapotãsana Abstract Painting

36″ x 36″ large scale acrylic abstract painting on gallery canvas installed in a black floating frame.

Ardha Kapotãsana was created with palette knives and nontraditional tools. Titled after the Half Pigeon Pose, Ardha Kapotãsana is a seated pose resembling a pigeon puffing up its chest. The pose opens the hips and stretches the hip flexors and lower back. This large scale abstract expressionist work is influenced by Hennick’s meditation and yoga practice.

Artwork description:

Acrylic Abstract Painting, Original artwork created by Mark Hennick. You will receive the artwork “Ready to Hang” mounted in a black floating frame with d-rings and cable on the back. This is a one of a kind artwork signed on the side of the painting. You will also receive a certificate of authenticity on the back of your painting.

This is an original work of art created by the artist himself and may not be reproduced without written consent of the artist. The artist retains copyright for self-promotion. All rights reserved.

Materials used:

Acrylic paint and medium on canvas. Original artwork framed and ready to hang.

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 42 × 42 × 4 in